I am a psychiatrist who works with adults, children, adolescents, families, and couples. I also have expertise in working with pregnant and postpartum women. I am committed to helping patients and their families better understand themselves and find ways to overcome difficulties in order to have more fulfilling lives. I strive to create a compassionate, empathic and safe environment where you would be able to explore and work on issues that have brought you into treatment. Drawing on my knowledge of several modalities of psychotherapy and expertise in psychopharmacology I work with you to design an individualized treatment plan that best fits your needs and personality. To me, a collaborative approach, in which you and I can work together towards shared goals is very important and to be able to do that I believe in listening to each individual, their goals, strengths, struggles, and difficulties very closely and carefully. I would be happy to discuss with you further so that you can decide whether my practice is the right fit for you.